Works RRP Cites

Ancient and Medieval

Adam Buckfield, Bologna, Biblioteca universitaria 2344, fol. 24r-53v, in margine: In De anima, Liber I, Liber II, Liber III, transcribed by J. Ottman.

Anonymous, Erfurt, Quarto 312: Notulae in Aristotelis De Anima (Abbreviatio Buckfield), Universitätsbibliothek, Dep. Erf. Codex Ampl. Quarto 312, fol. 20vb-22rb, 61ra-68ra, transcription by J. Ottman.

Anonymous, Oxford, Corpus Christi College 119: In De generatione et corruption, Quaestiones, Oxford, Corpus Christi 119, fol. 1ra-10vb, preliminary transcription by. J. Ottman.

Anonymous, Paris, BN lat. 6569, "In Aristot. De anima, Glossa," Paris, BN lat. 6569, fol. 44r - 63v, partial transcription of the marginal gloss.  Consult the manuscript, Paris, BN 6569 (link takes you to 44r; use green arrows to advance folios).

Averroes (Abū al-Walīd Muḥammad ibn Ahmad ibn Rushd), In Aristotelis Metaphysicam, Versio circulans circa 1230.

Boethius Dicit. A collection of Sententiae attributed to Boethius compiled by  Robert Andrews. Andrews locates as far as possible their source in Boethius, cites relevant secondary literature, and quotes medieval philosophers citing them.

Roger Bacon, In Aristot. De generatione et corruptione, Rome, Collegio Sant’Isidoro 1/10


Ottman, Jennifer R.,  "The Date and Significance of De anima Gloss in Paris, BN lat. 6569"

___, Anonymous Corpus Christi, In Aristotelis De generatione et corruptione, Oxford, Corpus Christi Cod. 119