2013 November 15

Philosophical Works (1231-1238)

Contra Averroem (CAv)   CAv I: Provisional* edition & Translation; CAv II, Transcription.
Scriptum in Metaphysicam Aristot. (SMet)  
      Redactio brevior   Provisional* editions bk. 3-11, Posted, bk. 3-9
      Redactio longior   Provisional* editions bk. 3-11
In Aristot. Anal. pos. (InAPos)   Provisional* edition posted.
In Aristot. De anima. (InDAn)  
       Redactio brevior   Posted at DAnE1, DAnE2, DAnE3. With TEI tags
      Redactio longior   Provisional* edition (1, 2, 3), password protected.
In Aristot. Ethic.   Lost.
In Aristot. De generatione et corruptione (InDGen)   Edition published by the British Academy: Oxford 2011;
Text (but not apparatus) posted, with TEI tags.
In Aristot. Meteor. (InMeteora)   Lost? Erfurt Q.312's InMeteor. transcribed
In Physicam Aristot. (InPhys.)   Edition published by the British Academy: Oxford 2003. Text (but not apparatus) posted, with TEI tags
Memoriale quaestionum in Metaphysicam Aristot. (MMet)   Edition published online by RRP, with TEI tags.

Theological Works (1238-1255)

De Deo (DDeo)
“An sit Deus”
“De unitate Dei”
“De aeternitate Dei”
  Work not begun.
Lectura Oxonienses in Sent. (SOx)   Uncorrected transcription completed in 2002.
Lectura Parisiensis in Sent. (SPar)   Book 1, dist. 1-27 transcribed.
Miserabilis humana condicio (MHC)   Work not begun.
Speculum animae (SAn)   Edition published by Franciscan Studies.
Translation published online by RRP.


Minor or Fragmentary Works

Work not begun

De intellectu divino (IDiv)   Transcription.
De materia in angelis (MAn)  
De mutatione (DMut)   Published by R. Plevano in “Richard Rufus of Cornwall and Geoffrey of Aspall,” Medioevo19(1993)167-232.
De rationibus seminalibus (RSem)   Transcription.
De speciebus intelligibilibus (SIn)   Transcription.

A Preliminary edition is a transcription and collation with few notes.
A provisional edition is revised by more than one editor and the notes have been redacted.